Premium Organic Thai Tea | The Charming of Thai Tea


Discover an exotic, unique, strong yet sweet character, The secret life of KUNITA Royal Thai tea make life more exciting by adding a bit of fun into our routine activity. Jasmine petals do the magic here. Make sure you have a cup of tea before you leave next time. There is an untold secret far away from where your heart still resides. rather than tell you what it is, come find out for yourself in KUNITA Royal Thai tea.



How Special?

Kunita would like to offer the way to provide Thai tea in the healthier style but the deliciousness remains the same. So, she wants to recommend Thai tea quality products that help promoting well-being, combining with ultimate ingredients such as natural organic tea, soy protein, gotu kola, Indian gooseberry, white kidney bean and stevia. You don’t need to worry about the effects of this drink because it’s 100% a low – cholesterol and calorie which is a perfect match for those who is on diet or who want to drink something delicious and extremely healthy.


Aroma: Distinctive aroma from premium tea leaves with its unique and smooth character appealing to drink. Its aroma presents the unique royal Thai tea which is similar to no others because we don’t blend with milk.


Flavour: Indulge yourself with the original rich taste of the perfect Thai tea which is savory since the first sip combining with the jasmine aroma. Every finest ingredients are considered healthy.


How to drink Kunita tea?

For iced tea,

For hot tea,


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Additional information

Weight 180 g