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Nothing is better than having a cup of KUNITA Royal Thai black tea to wind down your day. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and imagine being surrounded by nothing but a sea of flowers. Even flying bees are calmed down by your inner peace. After that welcome to the refreshing world. This KUNITA Royal Thai black tea is very bold and refreshing like no other.  A dose of it is like the effect on Popeye after eating his spinach, giving you the extra boost of energy to match anyone in the world. Some believe that Thai black tea helps to wash the grease out of the system and aids digestion. However, our KUNITA Royal Thai black tea are more positively load with health benefits.



How Special?

– All nerdy and hardworking have already found their best Thai black tea selection.-

Kunita has always been a kind professor to figure out the way to improve all her hard working crew who is quite diligent and pay attention to their hard work. She has  finally found that the Royal Thai Black Tea fits her most. After she drinks it, she can feel peaceful arrives just in time.


Aroma: Like an authentic Thai black tea that wraps a sense which is inevitable to try with a touch of unique jasmine scent melts in your mouth with the aroma originally blended with the traditional tea leaves once you smell it.


Flavour: Its simplicity plays an important role with a touch of premium Thai black tea, this tea is full of rich taste like the feeling after spas with notes of the finest tea leaves which leaves a lingering aftertaste of a timeless classic feeling.


How to drink Kunita tea?

For iced tea,

For hot tea,

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Weight 180 g