KUNITA Royal Thai Tea

How Special?

Health benefit of KUNITA Royal Thai Tea
• Weight loss from fat burner and crab blocker.
• Add miraculous fiber for natural colon cleansing.
• Accelerates fat burning and excess fat.
• Keep overeating under control.

Ingredients Natural Organic Tea, Organic Soy Bean extract, Organic Gotu Kola Extract, Organic Indian Goosbeery Extract, Organic White Kidney Bean Extract, and Organic Stevia Extract.

Aroma Distinctive aroma from premium tea leaves with its unique and smooth character appealing to drink. Its aroma presents the unique royal Thai tea which is similar to no others because we don’t blend with milk.

Flavour Indulge yourself with the original rich taste of the perfect Thai tea which is savory since the first sip combining with the jasmine aroma. Every finest ingredients are considered healthy.

Caffeine Level     • • • •

KUNITA Royal Thai Black Tea

How Special?

Health benefit of KUNITA Royal Thai Black Tea
• Improve your brain balance.
• Stimulate creativity and imagination.
• Overcome brain fatigue.
• Nourishing brain, prevent heart disease, and depression from the benefits of Omega 3.

Ingredients Natural Organic Tea, Organic Jasmine, Organic Gotu Kola, and Organic Mulberry

Aroma Like an authentic Thai black tea that wraps a sense which is inevitable to try with a touch of unique jasmine scent melts in your mouth with the aroma originally blended with the traditional tea leaves once you smell it.

Flavour Its simplicity plays an important role with a touch of premium Thai black tea, this tea is full of rich taste like the feeling after spas with notes of the finest tea leaves which leaves a lingering aftertaste of a timeless classic feeling.

Caffeine Level    • • • •