FAQ Product

How many products are there?
Now, we have 2 products which are Royal Thai tea and Royal Thai black tea.

How to drink Kunita tea?

For iced tea,

For hot tea,

How many sizes are there?
Now, we have only tea box size which contains 10 tea bags / tea box.

Where could I find Kunita tea?
You could find us on www.kunitatea.com.

What are the benefits of Kunita tea?
Each flavors has there own special benefits. For Kunita Royal Thai tea , mainly support happy diet. For Kunita Royal Thai black tea , mainly support enogh rest and refresh.

How many calories for one cup of Kunita tea?
For Kunita Royal Thai tea has 60 calories / cup and Kunita Thai black tea has 0 calorie / cup.

Can kids drink Kunita tea?
We recommended for children up to 5 years due to have small amount of caffeine.

How many times I can brew Kunita Royal Thai black tea?
We recommended one time for people who like strong flavor and two times for people who like light flavor.

Can vegetarian drink Kunita tea?
Absolutely yes due to every product is vegetarian friendly.

Do you have Halal?
Yes, we have.

Do people with diabetic can drink Kunita tea?
Yes, every products we not use sugar. Moreover, for products that need sweet flavor,  we calculate for quantity of sweet people should consume per day and of course safe for people with diabetic.

If I would like to lose weight, which flavor I should select?
We recommended you choose Kunita Royal Thai tea and continue drinking for at least 2 weeks for the best result.

Are every product safety?
Yes, every product are made from organic herbs with many standard guarantee.

Which product is the best seller?
Both are our best seller.

Do your teas contain sugar, artificial cream, colors, flavors, and preservatives?

No, Kunita tea is an organic tea that delete all things that not good for health as same as our goal which is find the world’s most fantastic organic Thai tea and deliver them to you as sustainably as possible.

How Kunita Tea different?
Our every Kunita tea not only selected best ingredients for health, but every product also have their own special support health benefits. We believe that nice quality of life starting from good health.

Where do you source your teas?

We source our teas from a number of different origins in Thailand, but the specific estates are a secret! All the teas we source, we keep check the quality to ensure they are just right before they are packed for their journey on to our customers.

We strongly support quality of life to local gardeners. When you buy our tea, the gardeners become more togetherness, proud of themselves, and love in their own motherland. This will raise awareness of establishing their hometown leading to happiness, better health and sustainability.”